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Five Essential Tips to not Go Wrong When Buying Property

When buying a home must take into account various legal aspects that provide security to the buyer. Barceló Real Estate offers in this article a number of tips for all steps of buying correctly.

1. Study the physical characteristics of housing.

Performs an exhaustive search in the area where you want to buy, compare different homes and feel free to make a personal visit to the home and know the environment.

The houses you see on the internet should contain information about the name and address of the seller, plans, energy performance certificates, property registration data in the registry, the total price of the house and payment.

2. Data on the legal status of housing.

It is advisable to know the legal status of housing. From knowing who the owner is, if you have loads, if tenants or not, to ensure that it is up to date on tax payments or if there is a right of first refusal. For this, you have to go to the Land Registry.

3. What can get in the Property Registry.

A simple information note.

It includes a description of the housing situation, area, share in the horizontal property regime that could affect administrative. Also data on housing mortgages, potential property disputes and in general any circumstance affecting the ownership of the property. The note is informative only.

Certification domain and loads.

More complete than the simple note content. As a public document, signed by the registrar, allow accredit certification in judgment, and to third parties any circumstance of the house.

Report recorder on the registration status of the property.

Verbal advice.

You can ask the registrar, for free. It will be free and the registrar must spend at least two hours daily.

Additional documents.

Copy writing; receipt of last IBI; Certification president of the homeowners saying that the house is aware of all payments; public document that no leases on the house.

4. Seek funding securely.

It's time to review the general conditions and consider whether any of them is abusive. You must be very careful with the subrogation of mortgages and conditions that are willing to accept.

5. Signature of the contract.

Here you should also note that the contract can be signed as a private document between buyer and seller but once signed, either party may require notarization document. If you have a mortgage, the contract must be made public.

  • The public deed authenticates the content of the document.
  • The deed is equivalent to the delivery of housing. The choice of notary corresponds to who is going to pay that cost.
  • The seller is bound by the hidden defects of the apartment. That is, the buyer may either withdraw from the contract (and receive expenses paid) or a proportionate amount lower price, as indicated by the experts.

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