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How to claim damages in a resale home that we have bought

A resale home may have hidden defects or defects that we have not seen at the time of purchase and appear later. In case they are serious they can be claimed.

Buying a second hand home is one of the options preferred by buyers, since it comes much cheaper than a new one, and with what we saved we have the possibility to reform. However, there are times when, after the delivery of keys, unpleasant surprises are discovered, such as serious malfunctions that were not communicated to us, and that may even jeopardize our integrity if we risk coming to live.

In this article we give you information about some of the assumptions in which you can complain:

When can you complain?

In the event that a house that we have purchased has defects that were not notified to us at the time of purchase we will be able to claim the seller. We can request that these damages be repaired or that we return the economic part that we paid of more. If damages are so severe that they prevent you from living in the house, you may be required to pay back the price we paid for the home, damages and interest.

Is there any deadline to claim?

If you detect a hidden defect in the house that you have acquired you have a period of 6 months from the delivery of the house to start the judicial process, otherwise you would lose the right to claim. However, there are exceptions. For example, if the damage is so serious that it is impossible to live in the house, the term is extended to 5 years.

In which cases can the seller be claimed?

When it comes to a hidden defect: in order for you to claim the seller, the defect in your home must be what is known as the hidden defect. What is it? For a damage that could not be seen with the naked eye. In addition, obviously, it must be prior to the purchase of the home.

When the damage is of a certain seriousness: in order for you to claim the seller, the damage to the home must be serious. Serious damages are those that would have made the price of the house smaller, those that prevent it from living in it and those that would have prevented the purchase. That is, those who, if they knew, would have made us reconsider the acquisition of the floor or the house.

What does it take to complain?

If we want to initiate a judicial process to claim the seller, we will need an expert report, detailing the damages, as well as their seniority. It is important that the report can prove that the damages are prior to the purchase.

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