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Key information about pricing of homes in Spain

Let's start by saying that the pricing of housing is the economic valuation of a property. You know what aspects are taken into account to realize it? In this article we give some clues.

When applying for a mortgage to buy a home you need to hire the appraisal of property for the bank to know the percentage of funding granted depending on the value determined by the appraiser.

The appraisal is made taking into account the state of the market, ie supply and demand at any given time about those buildings. Pricing is usually done by an architect or technical architect. This professional, however, does not act in isolation. That is, you should not think that housing pricing is subject to the hiring of one person or another.

The architect is a member of an appraisal company, which provides all the technical means needed to carry out its work. Once the appraisal housing also society values the quality of work performed. Thus, the technician can maintain their independence and ensure that housing pricing is done without coming into play their particular interests.

When setting the market value, ie, the net purchase price of a property, the appraiser takes into account a number of factors:

State of the property.

At this point in the valuation of housing, the architect is set in what is the condition of the entire building, including the external appearance. To do this proves that the building has passed the necessary inspections. It also takes into account if it has made a rehabilitation of this or not.

Features of the building.

The more features a property has, the greater its value. Count the building with elevator, for example, it is something that is valued very positively.

The size in square meters.

Once inside the property, the amount of square meters as it holds is fundamental. Obviously not all square meters are equal and depends greatly on the condition in which they are.

Distribution of the rooms.

Besides taking into account square meters, the distribution thereof is measured. Excess long corridors or voids negatively affect housing pricing form.

Lighting and landscape.

One of the things that are taken into account in pricing lighting housing is that the property has. It is something that buyers value a lot, so the higher it is, the more it will increase the price of housing. Also, if through windows are beautiful views, the appraiser will assess it positively.

Area where the property is situated.

Finally, all cities are more important than other areas. It is a factor that directly affects the price of a property. The more central or better connected, more value.

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