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Why is the Spanish real estate market again active again?

All the data and analysts come to say the same thing: the Spanish real estate market has returned to take off. But why?

In 2016 confirmed the good moment that lives the sector after several years of adjustment. During this adjustment period, the real estate market has consolidated its trend towards normalization, proving very attractive again for home buyers.

The return of greater and better financing, price stabilization, investor appetite in a context of low interest rates and a more encouraging macroeconomic outlook explain in part the good data provided by the different statistics that measure the pulse of the market.

Apart from all this, there are other factors that explain this change in trend.

Increase in the number of transactions.

It could be due to a specific event, and not be stable. However, during the last two years the data show an increase in the number of purchases, which shows that the market is more active than in a period immediately after the economic crisis.

Prices rise.

As a consequence of the above, prices have started to increase. It is logical, if demand increases, so will the price. Even so, prices in many areas of Spain are still far from the highs of the housing bubble era. And keep it that way, absolutely no one wants that to happen again.

However, gradually raising prices, while it may seem bad to buyers, is a good thing overall. It also means that in the case of buying, our home will be revalued due to the improvement of the real estate market and the economy in general. There will therefore be a return on our investment.

Increased supply and demand.

As prices rise, indecisive sellers tend to put their properties up for sale, at a somewhat higher price, and equally active buyers begin to see how properties they have visited disappear from the sale quickly and rush to buy.

Increase in the number of visas for new construction.

New building projects are being commissioned. Something that practically disappeared after the economic crisis, begins, little by little, to revive.

Appearance of cranes in many locations.

Immediate consequence of the above, they begin to see new constructions, with cranes in active, and of new sale on plane.

Demand of soil.

This is perhaps the most determining factor, which really indicates that the real estate market is reactivating and is not something punctual, which is already a fact, because it shows that the developer starts to plan in the long term.

Barceló Real Estate, property for sale in Guardamar del Segura.

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