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Off Plan Properties for Sale in Dehesa de Campoamor Orihuela Costa

Recommendations when buying off plan properties

Home sales plan has risen from the ashes of the crisis and is again booming. Know your rights as a buyer.

Since the housing bubble burst with the crisis, the fear that a bankruptcy would ruin the project and leave you without savings threw back many buyers when purchasing newly built housing. But changing economic situation, with increased funding by banks, refueled crane landscape.

Buying this way means generally pay less for your home, but is an operation that generates logical suspicion: when you give money in exchange for a good that physically does not yet exist, appears to increase the risk of wrong or that fool . For it is not so, Barceló Real Estate we give a series of keys.

Do your homework.

Find out all you can about the company (developer, property ...) selling houses: a recognized solvency and whose previous promotions have been successful always have less risk. Find out prices of other similar, better promotions if they are built in the same area, for comparison. And check that solar has effectively been acquired by the company, which has all the relevant permits, etc.

Required documents and data.

The company offering the house is required to provide you: Certified Property Registry in which the ownership of the lot (who owns it), registration of new developments and the situation of charges and levies (taxes, reflected etc. ) of the farm; technical project approved and building license (without which it can not be built); Urban City Council certificate that guarantees that the land is buildable and the existence of facilities such as parks, etc., and a copy of the insurance policy that guarantees the amounts that you deliver on account (the signal, advances ...).

You also have the right to know the legal details of the developer (name, company name, address and registration in the Commercial Register) and architect, as well as the delivery date, the total price (including brokers and possible changes to the project) the payment (deadlines, interests ...).

What to look out for.

The next thing to ask the seller or builder is:

A description of the apartment with detailed plans (and useful floor area, distribution, installation of electrical installations, water, gas and heating) and general building, common areas and the delimitation of service networks; and a memory of qualities that collect the items and materials to be used in construction.

It is important to know what to look out to assess whether or not you are interested in purchasing; keep in mind aspects such as the location of the building on the ground, within the solar and the area, the housing situation inside the building, the number of rooms (and whether they are inside or outside), the sq meters, the existence of garages or storage rooms, the position of the pillars, flues, ventilation and pipes, thermal and acoustic insulation under the project, the wardrobes, the quality of materials and the ability to make improvements.

Contract and sign.

If everything is correct and the project convinces you, it is time to formalize the contract. On sale off plan giving money to account or sign is inevitable recalls that these amounts will be deducted from the final price and must thus be in writing. Read the purchase contract carefully before signing it and notes that possible changes in construction, the price or terms are stated, and limitations established in this regard.

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