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Housing on the beach recovers its appeal after the crisis

The progressive return of demand and the opening of the financing are causing the rise of prices in a greater number of coastal municipalities.

The recovery of the residential market started in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona has been slowly expanding along the Spanish coast, and although there are still very important differences between the various coastal zones, even within a province, the fact is that they are more The localities in recovery that to the low.

The gradual recovery of demand for beach houses coupled with the opening of financing by banks is giving impetus to prices in the coastal areas. Of the 136 municipalities for which information is available, it is observed that 84 have increased the price in their interannual rate, compared to 71 that were registered last year.

The Costa Blanca, a market with a positive evolution.

In all provinces of the Mediterranean region, locations are detected where the holiday housing market evolves positively, with the exception of the coast of Granada as a whole and a good part of the Almeria coastline.

When analyzing prices in coastal municipalities, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities that characterize this market. In some cases, these are large municipalities where the market closest to the coast has a different behavior than the areas located more inland. And, on the one hand, the sale of products in stock, sometimes at a settlement price, and, on the other hand, the sale of new homes with better qualities and locations.

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