Villas for sale in Rojales

Our real estate agency offers you some great villas for sale in Rojales. It is about being able to have the opportunity to acquire all the qualities that the Mediterranean coast of Alicante can offer.

Among its many characteristics is that of its climate. If you are looking for a place where living all year with good weather is a reality, our villas in Rojales are your choice. Rojales is a charming town, located in the interior-south of the Costa Blanca (Alicante). A town that enjoys warm annual temperatures. In summer, that warmth is reflected in its maximum splendor when the thermometers exceed 30 degrees. In winter, the temperatures are very good as well, since it offers a mild and pleasant climate.

We have several types of villas for sale in Rojales

If you go to our web catalog of properties for sale, you can have a look at the entire list of villas for sale in Rojales that our real estate agency offers. We have second hand villas and new construction villas.

In each of them you will have the fortune to exploit to the maximum that spectacular climate that we mentioned previously. A our villas you can cool off in one of the private pools that contains each property. Many of them are spacious pools so that the whole family can enjoy a bath under a surprising climate.

Another area that our villas offer to take advantage of the qualities of weather in Rojales are its terraces or gardens. In them you will be able to lie down and relax, until sunbathing and tanning your skin. Either of the two facts, are moments that only living in this area you can savor.

If you need help to buy one of our villas for sale in RoJales, ask us

If you are interested in buying one of our villas for sale in Rojales, but you think you need advice or another kind of help, you can solve it with one or several of these ways:

First, you can visit our main office in Rojales and meet our agents personally. Come and answer your questions to C / Adelfas, 3 03170 Ciudad Quesada - Rojales (Alicante). Secondly, you can call us by phone and ask us all the questions you need to buy one of our chalets. Call us at (+34) 965 725 475. Finally, you can write us an email to