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Tips for buying property in Spain in 2017

With the housing market in full normalization and with the mortgage faucet open, 2017 aims to be a positive year for housing.

Are you thinking of buying a home in Spain in 2017? Things are much better than years ago. The current moment allows us to have room to maneuver both to choose different types of housing, and to access financing conditions that virtually disappeared from the map during the economic crisis.

If you are going to buy housing in 2017, we recommend the following.

1. Consider the houses with greater ability to revalue.

Regardless of whether the housing is intended for investment, we must analyze the prospects for growth and revalorization of the area and property. We are in a moment where the investment in housing is the most profitable of how many can be done, but it is worth analyzing if this profitability can be greater.

2. Find the mortgage loan that suits you best.

The current situation offers favorable mortgage conditions for the buyer. Take them.

3. Remember that the monthly mortgage payment must not exceed 30% of the household's net income.

Although expanding the search field in higher priced properties will cause us to find better options at all levels, we must be careful not to borrow in an amount that we can not pay.

4. Choose well if it suits you more new build, resale properties or to reform.

The use of each dwelling will answer this question. A new home will serve us if we want to reside or spend a lot of time in it, while a renovated home may be ideal for a property on the beach to which we want to make a profit through rent.

5. Keep in mind the location before buying.

Whether it is to live or to rent, factors such as the existence of public transport, green areas, the proximity of shops or educational centers will always keep your investment up.

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