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Aspects to consider in choosing our home in Orihuela Costa

There are many things to keep in mind before choosing the home that we buy so that everything is to our liking and we can enjoy our investment.

When buying a home in Spain is advisable not to make an impulsive decision, make a second visit to the apartment or how many are necessary. The purchase is an important enough to take their time decision.

From Barceló Real Estate in this article will list a number of things you should consider in choosing your home in Spain.

Living space.

The surface of the housing is one of the most important characteristics, but should clarify the terminology used most frequently.

Floor area (built meters).

It is the area of housing including all elements such as walls, beams, walls and terraces. Usually it is the data reflected in the plans of the house.

Usable area (square footage).

This is the total area minus the thickness of the walls, beams, walls ... usually involves about 15% less than the floor area. In the case of the terraces, if open, it is considered half of its surface in the calculation of the useful surface.

Total or computable surface.

It is the built surface to which the share of the common elements is added. They are called common use spaces shared by all residents, as the portal, stairs, gardens ... The constructed area to total area of the building, including those common areas, is what defines elements share share of housing in the community expenses floor and is the basis of property valuation.

Housing characteristics.

Also, when you're in front of you can be your future home note among others the following aspects:

Space and overall layout of the house.

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, exterior windows in rooms, corridors, halls, overnight stays, wardrobes, storage and other storage spaces.

The orientation of the house.

External normally receive more natural light, the interiors are often quieter. Oriented within a block are usually silent. They tend to value more oriented to the south by the quality and quantity of natural light homes.

The quality of construction and finishes.

They guarantee safety, soundness and quality. Observe the paint, tile, flooring, baseboards, moldings ...

The conservation status of equity and common elements.

Not more that you set you in the building structure and possible cracks or damp.

Water circuit.

You should verify that the taps can be opened simultaneously without losing water flow. And the hot water system adapts to what you need.


Check outlets for appliances, heating, air conditioning and make sure they are grounded.

Air conditioning or heat pump.

If preinstallation or installation and if the system is autonomous or centralized. If the power is suitable for the m2 and orientation dela room to acclimatize.

Doors and windows.

We must ensure that provide light, ventilation, visibility and thermal and acoustic insulation for comfort and energy savings.

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