Connect Energy to your Second-Hand Home in Few Steps!
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News Connect Energy to your Second-Hand Home in Few Steps!

 Connect Energy to your Second-Hand Home in Few Steps!

Congratulations on your new acquisition! Now that you've found your second-hand home, it's time to make sure it's full of light and energy. Here is a simple guide to turning on electricity in your new space:

1. Identify the Electric Company: Before you begin, find out which electric company supplies power in your area. You can do this by checking your previous electricity bills, asking neighbors, or searching online.

2. Check the Supply Status: Make sure that the electricity supply is disconnected and that there are no outstanding debts associated with the property. If there are unpaid bills, it is important to resolve them before proceeding with the new connection.

3. Contact the Electric Company: Contact the selected electric company and notify them that you wish to register the electricity supply in your second-hand home. Provide the exact address of the property and any other information requested.

4. Schedule the Inspection: The power company may need to perform an inspection of the property to verify the condition of the electrical system and ensure it complies with safety regulations. Make an appointment for this inspection.

5. Prepare the Necessary Documentation: Before the inspection, make sure you have the required documentation on hand, such as your personal identification, property deeds and any other documents related to the electrical connection.

6. Make the Corresponding Payment: You may need to make a payment for the electricity supply connection and, in some cases, leave a security deposit. Make sure you understand the associated costs and make payment according to the electric company's instructions.

7. Confirm the Connection: Once the previous steps are completed and the inspection is approved, the electric company will proceed to connect the electricity supply to your home. Verify that the connection is active and that you can access electricity without problems.

And ready! With these steps, you will have turned on the electricity in your second-hand home and you will be able to enjoy all the comforts it offers. Always remember to follow the instructions and requirements of the electric company to ensure a smooth process. Welcome to your new home full of light and renewed energy!

10 Apr 2024