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Paella con conejo

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Our region is full of orchard areas both in the interior and throughout the coastal area, and has a varied diet of fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood. This means we have so many traditional recipes that you can enjoy in many restaurants throughout the region. 

 Do you prefer to eat hot cooked food? These are some of the recipes for the most traditional food in Vega Baja

 Cocido con Pelotas (clear broth with meatballs) 

 Paella de conejo (rabbit paella) 

 Arroz de Caldero or Arroz a banda (rice with fish and cooked in fish stock) 

 Arroz con Costra (similar to paella but cooked in the oven) 

 And for those of you with a sweet tooth, here are the most traditional desserts and sweets: 

 Almojábanas (sweet bread with cheese) 

 Monas (cakes often eaten at Easter) 

 Pan de Calatrava (a cooked egg and milk pudding served cold) 

 These are some of the recipes and typical food, but there are many more. If you would like to enjoy any of them, just visit any restaurant in the region and you will discover all the flavors of Vega Baja.

8 Jul 2020