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Bungalow Torrevieja, Costa Blanca

Would you like to live near the sea in a city like Torrevieja? From Barceló estate services Real Estate we offer a wide range of houses facing the sea. If you want to buy a bungalow resale in Torrevieja (Costa Blanca), we invite you to visit our catalog of properties.

Based in Ciudad Quesada, in Barceló Real Estate we specialize in the sale and rental of properties of all types (bungalows, flats, plots, apartments, etc.) throughout the province of Alicante. We have a dilated experience in the sector and we have great professionals who are dedicated to finding the best opportunities in the real estate market of the Levant region.

Although we organize ourselves as a global company with a variety of services, depending on the type of client, our work is adapted and customized to your needs. Thus, each customer, we can offer tailor-made property. The most important thing to consider is: type of property (bungalow, chalet, attached, etc.) you need and the area where you live.

Because we work throughout the coast of Alicante, we are dedicated mainly to the sale of houses near the beach. One of our most popular products are used bungalows beachfront and one of our most sought after cities to live is the town of Torrevieja.

As we like to know what you need, if you have these needs and want to buy a bungalow resale in Torrevieja, Barceló Real Estate is the real estate.

Today we'll show a great resale bungalow located in Torrevieja (Costa Blanca), which is available between our main properties. The features are:




-Communal swimming pool.

-Great Finishes and facilities.

Now you know, if you want to buy a bungalow resale in Torrevieja with these characteristics, come see us at Barceló Real Estate or contact us.

26 Aug 2014