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Mediterranean diet

The Spaniards live on average 82.4 years, which puts Spain in seventh place on the list of longest-lived countries. According to a report on competitiveness drawn up by the World Economic Forum, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are mainly responsible for the long life of the Spaniards.

Life expectancy puts Spain in a better place than the sum of indices that measure the competitiveness of countries. In that list, led by Switzerland, Singapore and the United States, Spain is relegated to 35th place behind Ireland (25), China (28) and Puerto Rico (32).

In longevity, however, the Spanish move up the list to seventh ahead of developed countries such as Luxembourg (81.4), Norway (81.5) and Sweden (81.7). The longest is Hong Kong, with a life expectancy of 83.5 years, which is attributed to the practice of tai chi, a non-combative martial art that helps older people stay active and healthy. The tai chi intake of a balanced diet adds, with plenty of food prepared steamed tea.

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13 Nov 2015